My Disney Infinity Collection has been (wrongly) suspended by Google :( [FIXED]

That was the url where you could find My Disney Infinity Collection, now it shows a 404 page.

Google has recently pulled the free app from the store, after being online for over a year. More than 200.000 people downloaded it and enjoy it to track their Disney Infinity 1.0 & 2.0 collections, to keep up with the Disney Infinity news, to check in & participate into the community over at and even to track what they have collected in game and what challenges they still have to complete. Some just like all the extra information the app gives them about the figures, play sets & power discs.

Our partner (DisneyInfinityFans) and me are working hard to get this resolved with Google, but it seems that Google makes this a lot harder than it should be.
We understand that their automated systems can’t know what it sees, so we have no problem having the conversation about why this app doesn’t break any copyright. We had the same conversation with the Amazon AppStore people, and in a single day My Disney Infinity Collection was approved for the Amazon AppStore.

But it seems that you just can’t have a conversation with Google. They won’t even listen to reason.

We have delivered proof that My Disney Infinity Collection uses the logo from our partner, that all images are taken from Disney’s press site or taken by our partner them selves. We have shown the relationship that our partner has with Disney. Disney is aware of the app, they even send the occasional stuff to me.

And yet, it still isn’t enough for Google … They seem to want a direct approval from Disney for My Disney Infinity Collection, which, as you can imagine, is very hard to get. A company that size rarely has the time to handle ‘small’ stuff like this. And even if they would, I can imagine that this would take a lot of time and a lot of people from Disney to internally approve before they can publicly approve this. Companies this size don’t wing it. The fact that a lot of people from the development team from Disney Infinity are recognizable on the DisneyInfinityFans boards should give the site some weight and some credit about approval.

This whole ordeal has been really frustrating on our part, and we hope that things can still be resolved and more people can enjoy My Disney Infinity Collection, especially with the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0.

You know what the really sad part is ? I had plans & already started pre-development on some big changes (wishlist, UI update, filters, …) in light of Disney Infinity 3.0 … Hopefully we can resolve the issues with Google so Disney Infinity players can enjoy the cool things we had planned for the app.

If anyone knows anybody who can help, please let us know.

Update: We were able to clear the issue with Google and My Disney Infinity Collection is back online. Thank you to all who helped!

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