My Board Game Collection released on 3 (!) platforms: Android, iOS & Windows

My Board Game Collection is our newest app that allows you to keep track of what board games (table top games, card games, family games, …) you own, want, have played, … and more. It does this on all platforms with the same feature set and with a good looking UI.

Some screenshots:
Detail Screen (Colt Express)  |  Search Screen  |  List Screen (Empty filter)  |  Popular Games  |  Best Games  |  Search By Parameters  |  Adding (Pandemic)  |  Collection Filter  |  Detail Screen – Images  |  Detail Screen (Kingdomino)  |  Detail Screen – Description  |  Detail Screen – Videos  |  Detail Screen – Comments

You can not only keep track of your own collections, but you can also discover new games to play in various ways. You can check one of the dynamic lists to see what others are playing/loving, you can search for a specific game or you can search by parameters (f.e. you want to see board games that have coop, minimum of 30 min playtime and 4 players).

Are you at the store or a garage sale and something catches your eye? Find out if the game is worth your money & time by looking up all relevant information about it fast.

You can also search through your collection with various filters. Lets say you have friends over and you want to play a game. You could let them select a game by allowing them to enter some parameters like number of player, complexity, and many more. They can then easily see details about the game and even view a ‘how-to-play’ or see the manual so that you are up & playing as fast as possible.

But we didn’t stop there … Board games are a family thing, so the tool you use should do the same. My Board Game Collection uses cloud storage that allows you to sync you data to all your devices and family members. It doesn’t even matter what platform: Android, iOS, Windows. Phone, tablet, desktop. Doesn’t matter. My Board Game Collection will sync up.

More? Yes. My kids don’t speak english (yet :)) and I wanted them to be able to use the app. Therefor we allow you to translate description & comments to any language. The app itself is also translated in multiple languages and more are coming.

Download My Board Game Collection today for free!


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