My Game Collection

My Game Collection v2.0 – FAQ – Import Data

Where is my data from before the update? All old data can be found in the navigation menu in the group ‘Import’, item ‘Legacy’. Why do I need to import my old data? My Game Collection v2.0 uses a new source … Read More

My Game Collection v2.0 Beta is live!

My Game Collection just got even better! It was already the better way to track you game collection over various platforms on Android, it now gives you more options, more speed, more data and as a bonus you can now … Read More

How to get access to the My Game Collection v2.0 Beta

I’m glad you want to help make My Game Collection better. Joining the beta is only a 2 step process 1. Join the Beta Google Group. You can do that on this location: 2. Once you have applied and we have accepted, … Read More

My Game Collection: Xbox Live & Desura!

The next update of My Game Collection will take a bit longer since I’m redoing the import code to more easily support multiple services. I’m also adding support for Xbox Live and Desura, both with their problems 🙂 Xbox Live is … Read More

Keeping track of your games – My Game Collection

I’ve just released a new Android app on the Play store: My Game Collection It is THE app for keeping track of your games on all your platforms: – Beautiful ‘Holo’ look – Link with Steam – Automatically link game … Read More