That Letter Game

Local highscores!

Local highscores have been added. You can now see your highest score per mode and per language. This means that you can play in different languages and have seperate high scores for those languages. Ideal for people who want to … Read More

That stupid bug

I introduced a bug when coding new features that resulted in a crashing Unity as soon as I tried to run my code. This made debugging pretty hard, and it took me a couple of evenings to track it down … Read More

That Letter Game is available now on Google Play!

Click 🙂 ultimate motocross alvin

That Letter Game is almost being released for Android!

That Letter Game is a mix of Tetris and Scrabble and is highly addicting! What is it Letter blocks fall, you decide where they go and then you make the words. Multiple modes Hard mode: Letter blocks fall faster for … Read More

Letters drop, you make word

A very simple, but accurate description 🙂 That Letter Game is a game inspired by games like Tetris and Scrabble. More information will follow.