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What if?

What if there was a single app that could keep track of all your collections ... no matter the size? What if that app would put unprecedented power, customization & flexibility at your fingertips? What if it had both speed and beauty? What if it didn't trade in easy-of-use for giving you all that?

Build to meet (y)our needs

We have spent years in various collection communities as collectors and as developers and we have learned a lot. We believed that a single app could combine all collections, but we found none that matched our requirements. So we created My ... Collection. A powerful tool to keep track of all you have, want and came into contact with.

Eat your own dogfood

This is a saying that all developers know and it means that if you use your own apps, they will be of higher quality & easier to use because you will feel the pains & needs of the app. We are using My ... Collection ourselves.

Modern & Flexible

Power, flexibility & beauty perfectly combined


Your collection, your rules. You decide how & what you want to keep track of, which results in no unnecessary fields


Nothing more annoying than an app that makes you wait. All screens are designed to be as fast as possible.

Fully Customizable

You decide what to add. Need a date? Or a video trailer? Or a website? a simple number? Text? Got you covered on all of them and much, much more.

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages are supported. Although not all languages are available, you can help with translating to your language of choice.

Multiple Themes

I like a blue dark theme, you might not. Why should an app force you in a specific theme? One you might not even like? We got something for everyone.


Yes. But because food costs money you can watch reward videos to support us. This will also remove all ads & enable you to do some extra stuff.

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John Williams
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Liz James
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Pretty sweet right? Download it today!

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