My Board Game Collection – EULA


When using the free version of My Board Game Collection you will be shown ads from Google’s network ‘Admob’. These ads will be personalized for you, so you only see relevant things. Developing apps costs a lot of time, and thus a lot of money. Through these ads a small amount of money can be earned by the developer which helps the further development of My Board Game Collection.


The best way to improve upon an app is knowing how it it used by its many users. By having this information we can improve upon the features that are popular, and improve unclear features.
Gathering this data can be done in a number of ways. We have chosen to do this by gathering anonymous statistics. We have chosen this route for the simplicity and anonymity it gives our users. It would be highly impractical (and kind of creepy) to ask all those users if you can watch over their should while they use the app :). These statistics give us an idea what screens & features are popular and because of this we know where to focus our efforts.


My Board Game Collection will download large resolution images from the internet. These images will be stored inside the apps cache on your device. This cache can be cleared, but My Board Game Collection will redownload these images to the cache when you go into a detail screen.


Every app is created by a human, and as a result has imperfect code. We try to make all software as bug free as possible, but because of the complexity of creating software and the many number of devices out there this is impossible. The technical data of a crash really helps finding these problems and solving them. This is why we use a system that automatically sends an anonymous crash report so we can find out what made the app crash for you.

Removal of data

When you want to be scrubbed of all data you can email us at

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