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There is no reason that a functional app can't be beautiful & easy to use. It is not always easily achieved, but it can be. It is something we aim for in all our creations. We are not only the creators of our apps, we are also users of our own apps. This means that we know what can be better, what we need to improve and this brings the quality to a higher level. We believe in functional free apps. This doesn't mean we don't need to eat, but it does mean that our apps are really usable in their free form.

What is so different about us?

We believe that listening to your community results in a better product. So we listen via facebook, mail & reddit. If you take the time to reach out, we will take the time to listen. We can't always do what you would want, but we will try and we take pride in always sending a response.

"Really easy to use. There is a great database of games. If the game isn't there you just have to create the name and take a picture of it, it really is awesome!"
Satisfied User
My Game Collection
"Added my collection to the app, but felt that there was missing feature. I emailed the developer, and got a quick reply and discussion of something that could go into the next release. I think this is great service and I wish I could find this kind of response in other apps."
Happy User
My Board Game Collection
"Very flexible & easy to use. I like that I can keep track of all my collections in a single app. I'm amazed how simple I can add new fields to my custom collections "
Convinced User
My ... Collection

My Game Collection

No matter if you are a collector, an enthousiast or just someone who likes games, you will have a use for the most popular game collection tracker on Android: My Game Collection.

Add games via (partial) title search with or without platform. Or just request all games for a specific platform.
Add games from lists like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Games With Gold, Trending, Upcoming and Just released.

Import your games from various sources: Steam, Playstation 3/4/Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Games With Gold, VGCollect, Android, Backloggery, Collectorz, PSDLE, Desura, Itch.io, How Long To Beat, RF Generation, Generic CSV, Generic TXT .

Track your collections & wishlist in style and quickly access your list (offline & online) via the extensive filters, sorting, grouping & shortcut features.


My Board Game Collection

What if you could have all the information about your boardgames in one beautiful location?
Not only the data coming from the online database (BoardGameGeek), but also your custom data & play sessions.

What if it could translate the information to any language?
We have systems at our fingertips that allow us to translate to any language in the world. We use those systems to allow you to translate descriptions & comments.

Finding new board games can be very exciting, so we are giving you options to be able to find cool new games.
You can view dynamic lists and you can search the database with various filters. Search filters like player count, age, play time, …

Log your play sessions and keep track of what, when and where you played. You can also log who played and who won and with what score. Never forget.

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My ... Collection (Beta)

What if one single app could track everything you want to track? Impossible? Think again.

My … Collection will track your comic books, wine, (trading) cards, toys, stamps, bottle caps, hardware, dice, Dungeon & Dragon characters, model ships, shoes, pops!, … There is no end to what it can track. You decide what you want to track and how.

You can add any field you can think of to a collection:
Only want to track a title & cover for your watched movies? Got you covered.

Want to track title, cover, trailer, actors, description, rating, release date, publisher, …? Still got you covered.

What multiple themes? different languages, lots of field types? Yup, yup & yup.

Sounds to good to be true? It’s not. There is even more … 


My Disney Infinity Collection

Track what you own & want for all Disney Infinity games with a beautiful & social touch.

My Disney Infinity Collection is powered by http://www.DisneyInfinityFans.com and as a result contains all current data for all characters, play sets & power discs.

* Track all the characters, play sets, power discs & toy box game discs that you own
* Keep a wishlist of all characters, play sets, power discs & toy box game discs you want
* Apply a range of filters to the characters, play sets, power discs lists
* Share your collection & wishlist with anyone

* Community Forums: Keep track of the community at www.disneyinfinityfans.com by checking the recent posts.
* News: Keep informed about everything about Disney Infinity and check the news from within My Disney Infinity Collection.


My Collections: Dimensions Ed.

An unofficial Lego Dimensions collection tracker created by a father with a clear need to manage his families growing collection of Lego Dimensions.

* Beautiful, but functional
* Powerful, but easy to use
* Fast, but complete
* All info, but low on text
* Abilities & Pieces overview
* Building instructions for ALL figures, vehicles & variants
* Track owned packs, but allow a wishlist

* Overview of abilities and what characters & packs have what abilities
* Overview of the Red brick + track which ones you have found & bought.
* Level information like locations, citizen in peril & guides


Json Genie

Json Genie is a JSON editor that was created by the need of a developer.

It is ridiculously fast, which was really important while creating the app. Our tests reveal that it opens a 2 MB json file in under a second. We even did tests with files over 50 MB and Json Genie handled them without a sweat.

Json Genie allows full reign over your json files. You can clone arrays/objects/values, you can add new arrays/objects/values, edit existing ones and even remove arrays/objects/values

Because Json Genie uses the default Android way of opening files, it can open a json file from all sources available on your Android phone (Dropbox, Drive, SD, …). You can even copy/paste your custom json text or open a URL.

Easily find the elements you want by using the easy to use filter option.

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