My Game Collection v2.0 Beta is live!

My Game Collection just got even better! It was already the better way to track you game collection over various platforms on Android, it now gives you more options, more speed, more data and as a bonus you can now also track the hardware that you own!

It took 6 months and hundred of hours of coding, but My Game Collection has been recreated from the ground up.

Highlights of the new version:

  • New database, which is 3 times as big
  • Redesigned UI to comply with current standards and provides more speed & better user experience.
  • New import options
  • Several export options.
  • Hardware has been added as a ‘first class citizen’.
  • Everything is editable, nothing is fixed
  • Extensive filters can be applied (& saved) to the game & hardware collections.
  • Add shortcuts to game/hardware details to your homescreen
  • Add shortcuts to game/hardware filters to your homescreen
  • “Ok Google” support to ask for a certain game search (“Ok Google, Search for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood in My Game Collection”)
  • Group games by platform, genre, publishers, label, ….
  • Sort games by release date, metacritic score, …
  • Import games from Desura, Steam, Android, Bulk.
  • Different views for the list
  • Choose the detail cards that you want to see: Metacritic, wikipedia search, Youtube search, How Long To beat, rating, notes, description, …
  • Smaller and smarter backups
  • and lots, lots, lots more …

My Game Collection v2.0 is currently in Beta. Email me if you want access to this beta.

The PRO KEY has a promotion price for as long as the Beta runs. Get it here: My Game Collection Pro Key

Click here to see how you can join the beta

Enjoy some screenshots 🙂

Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-44-30  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-45-43  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-44-23  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-45-05  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-44-50  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-45-17

Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-46-16  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-47-08  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-47-32  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-47-22  Screenshot_2014-12-15-12-47-13

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