My Game Collection v2.0 – FAQ – Import Data

Where is my data from before the update?

All old data can be found in the navigation menu in the group ‘Import’, item ‘Legacy’.

Why do I need to import my old data?

My Game Collection v2.0 uses a new source for its data. This source contains 3 times as many games and has a lot more information. This means that the old data needs to be matched to this new database to be able to take advantage of the increase in data options.

How can I import my old data?

This matching will happen automatically on the Import – Legacy screen for most games, but some games can not be matched because the title is not 100% correct. I have spent a great deal of time (and code) making these matching rules as flexible as possible without having false matches.
The games that cannot be automatically matched can be manually matched/ignored or be created without a link to the online database by using the 3-dot menu on the game line, or you can create them without a link to the online database in bulk by using the button at the top.

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