My Game Collection 2.0 – Importing games

All import types in MGC work in the same way, this keeps the interface simple and consistent.

The import of any type (Steam, Desura, Android, …) can be run multiple times and MGC will only show you with the games that have not been processed yet. This mean that you can do the import in one go, or do it in multiple times: your choice. This also makes it easy to add any new additions (f.e. if you buy a new game on Steam, or PSN)

Once you have entered the necessary information for the import type (usually this will be your username) MGC will contact the service of the type of import (Steam servers, Backloggery servers, …). If the service is up & running it will present you with a list of all the results it got back.

I recommend clicking ‘Match all’ as the first thing to do at this point. When started, MGC will try to match all unprocessed games to the online database. It will not be able to match everything, maybe the service didn’t have the correct name, or maybe the game isn’t in the database yet. Most of the time a lot of games will be auto matched to the online database, and this be added to your collection with a lot of extra information.

Once this step has completed you will be left with all the games MGC wasn’t able to match to the online database via the title. Now you have 2 options:

1. You don’t care about matching the rest to the online database

In this case you can just click ‘Create all’. MGC will then just add all remaining games to your collection with the data it has. This will usually online be the game title, but for some import types it will be able to use the game image, or description from the service. All games are no processed

2. You want to match as many games to the online database as possible

In this case you need to process games manually. Like state before, you can do this whenever it is convenient. MGC will remember what was processed and what wasn’t. Processing these games manually happens via the 3-dot menu on the game line itself. When clicked you will see different options for that specific game:

  • Search: preferred – manually search the online database and add the game this way
  • Ignore: ignore the entry, some services (like Steam) also has non-games, this way you can ignore these entries.
  • Create: just create this game in your collection, it can’t be found in the online database (yet)
  • Link existing game: The game already exists in your collection, and you want to link that with this import item.

By clicking the checkbox on the game MGC will try to match that specific game against the online database.

By clicking ‘SHOW ALL’ in the top right corner you can see all games for that import type. By unchecking the items they will get deleted from your collection

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